Chapter 24: On diets and losing weight

Chapter 24: On Diets and losing weight
Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. I am not a nutritionalist. I am not a dietitian. I have no medical expertise in this field. I suggest you ignore everything I say here.
I have been clinically obese most of my life. Fit but obese.
At the very least, FAT.
I have tried numerous diets but essentially my problem is I eat too much.
There is a very simple formula for weight gain and loss.
If you take in more kilojules than you expend, you will gain wait.
If you expend (through movement) more kilojules than you consume, you will lose weight.
If you consume and expend the same amount of kilojules, you will maintain weight.
Kilojules essentially come via sugar and carbohydrates.
If you consume too much they are converted into storage (fat) probably around your tummy, thighs and butt.

Tips for weight loss.
The body like everything else on earth is greedy and selfish. The moment it perceives there is insufficiency, it hoardes.

Water and weight are closely linked. If your body does not know it will get a steady flow of water, it will store what it does get. So drink LOTS of water.

The same with food. Here is a very good tip. Eat when you are hungry and STOP when you are full. This is so much easier said than done.

Exercise more. Walk 10 000 steps a day. Park at the furtherest point in the parking lot from where you are going and walk. Take the stairs instead of the elevator.

The next consideration is to allow the body to use up the stored fat. You do this by adhering to a protein intense regime cutting out sugars and carbohydrates.
Please page back here and read my disclaimer again. There are horror stories about protein diets. Be careful. I suggest you get very competent medical advice on how to do this and for how long.
The body and bran work on protein and sugar from carbohydrates. The body does not store protein, thus your intake of protein. Because it needs sugar, it starts converting the abundant stores of fat into sugar and you lose weight.

Best tip. Snack on protein shakes, bilton, protein bars, cheese, yogurt, boiled eggs etc. between meals.

I lost 11kg’s using this method and at the time of writing, have kept it off for 7 months.
I used the Healthpoint 2.0 plan. Google it.


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When you meet Stephen van Basten you instantly realize that there is more to him than meets the eye. This is not a moment to judge a book by its cover. Stephen boasts a list of achievements: He met his wife, Jacqui, 27 years ago, married her 21 years ago and is the proud father of a 'very together' 18 year old daughter. Stephen will immediately tell you with a twinkle in his eye, that Life, Work, Marriage and Parenthood are not for sissies. That while they are all hard work, they can be, and should be, incredibly rewarding and fulfilling. Stephen is a past Karate World Champion, a yoga enthusiast and recovering golfer. If you opened Trip Advisor on his facebook page you will see that he has visited 81 cities in 52 countries including the USA, Alaska, Japan, Europe, Australia and China. Stephen has owned his own company, worked in his family's business, being employed by small and large businesses like Shell SA and the BTG Group. His titles include Brand Manager, Sales Manager, Account Manager, Sales Representative and Business Owner. He now sees himself as an Author, Speaker, Trainer and Coach. Stephen published his first book, "So you're engaged, now what? The journey from engaged to married" in December 2013. His ingenious marketing strategy put this book into over 2000 hands in its first 6 months. His second book "So you're alive, now what? The journey from birth to death" is available online and he is working on 5 more books in the series including "So you're married, now what?". Stephen's obvious passion and first love is Human Behavior and specifically Human Behavior as it manifests in RELATIONSHIPS. He is quick to point out that we have many differing relationships: employer, employees, customers, suppliers, colleagues, friendships, marriage, parents, siblings, children, our maker, other drivers on the roads and we generally have issues in most if not all of them. Stephen is a student of the well-known human behavior specialist, Dr. John Demartini and is constantly researching and honing his understanding of this incredibly complex subject. In 2013 he completed over 175 hours of intense training on T. Harv Eker's signature courses.
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