Chapter 26 – The 3 Masters

I am going to tell you the story of the 3 masters.
It is a true story, in that I am the protagonist.
It’s a story never told in quite this manner before.
And it’s a story that exposes some of who I am.

At the onset, I ask you to be gentle and caring with my sharing today
I ask you to step into my world for 7 short minutes
And as you step into my reality, I ask you to put yours aside for just a moment

The story starts in 1969 when my father started teaching me karate at the tender age of 5. I was a strange lad. Bright eyed, bushy tailed, complex and incredibly idealistic. And while karate taught me so much, my father is NOT one of the masters I will be speaking about today.

The first master is Gogen Yamaguchi 8th Dan. Current head of Goju Kai Karate worldwide. The year is 1989 and I am 24 years old.
I arrive in Japan. A second dan black belt and soon realize I am out of my depth. I feel like a green belt and am totally humbled by Yamaguchi’s knowledge, skill and ability to teach. The best way of describing it would be like been an amoeba in Albert Einstein’s advanced science class.
7 months later, after much blood sweat and some tears, I was invited to grade for my 3rd dan.

The second Master in the saga is a man called Keith Milton Rhinehart. The founder of an international Universalist church. Without touching too deeply on the taboo subject of religion, suffice to say that he officially introduced me to the concept of Universalism which holds that all religion leads to the same God. I say “officially” introduced me because it is something I have felt deep within me for decades.
I have been a member of this church for almost 25 years now and have been exposed to some incredible insights and teachings.

My 3rd Master is none other than the relatively famous Dr. John Demartini. Human behavior specialist, researcher and teacher.
I met John in 2010 when I attended one of his talks. He literally blew me away. Since then I have spent many hours at his talks and courses.
And today I stand here, more authentic, more inspired and infinitely more successful.

The reason I pay homage to my masters today is partially gratitude.
I truly believe that we should remember those who assisted us upon our path and remember to thank them every now and again.
(but) More importantly to highlight the importance of mentors in our lives. Without mentors we would take much longer to get where we are going.

Let me briefly elaborate on the effect of my masters, my mentors, in my life.

In 2009, I became a world champion in karate. In fact, I currently hold a gold and silver medal in my style and division. There is no doubt in my mind that there is a direct relationship between that and training with the best karate teacher in the world for 7 months.

I currently perform weddings, funerals and baptisms for a Spiritual segment I call, “Believers not Churchgoing” or for those who consider themselves more Spiritual than Religious. This is a huge and growing market and I am handsomely rewarded ministering to them.
I assist Atheists, Agnostics, Pagans, Wiccans and members of every faith to bury their dead respectfully and marry their children appropriately.
Due to my Universalist background I am perfectly and rather uniquely placed to do so.

Dr Demartini gave me the courage to believe in myself. For 25 years I earned a fortune in sales but felt like an intruder in someone else’s business. I hated corporate life but could not escape the golden handcuffs.
Now for the first time in my life, I am living MY dream.
I know what and who I am and I know exactly where I am going.
Because I do what I love, every day is a vacation for me.
I am healthier, happier and my wife and daughter love me even more!!!

Well BULLY for me!!
What does that mean to you?

Firstly, could I prevail upon you all to take a quick moment right now to remember your Mentors? Who are the people who have had a positive impact on your life?
Would you call them later today? Or send them a mail? And just say thank you.
And please don’t forget that often the people who were hard on you and pushed you and infuriated you, are the ones that taught you the most.

Secondly. Take a moment to ponder. What is your greatest wish? Your greatest dream? What would you want to do that would represent the greatest success in your life? What would make you happy?
Got it? OK. Who is the person that could assist you to get there?
What book could you read? What course could you do?
Will you commit to going out there today, this evening, tomorrow and making it happen?

Now. Listen to this. Here comes the million dollar question.
Who can you be a mentor to? Who could you assist?
What knowledge do you have that could make the difference in someone else’s life?
Never reach up asking for assistance without also reaching down to offer in return.

Today I have told you about 3 of my masters
I have shared how they impacted my life
I have asked you all to remember and thank yours
And I have suggested that you pay it forward

In closing I have one last piece of advice.
I offer it based on years of trial and error.
I offer it based on personal experience.
I offer it to without reservation and with 100% conviction.

“When there is a Master in town ………..
Go and spend time with him”


About Stephen van Basten - The Marriage Expert

When you meet Stephen van Basten you instantly realize that there is more to him than meets the eye. This is not a moment to judge a book by its cover. Stephen boasts a list of achievements: He met his wife, Jacqui, 27 years ago, married her 21 years ago and is the proud father of a 'very together' 18 year old daughter. Stephen will immediately tell you with a twinkle in his eye, that Life, Work, Marriage and Parenthood are not for sissies. That while they are all hard work, they can be, and should be, incredibly rewarding and fulfilling. Stephen is a past Karate World Champion, a yoga enthusiast and recovering golfer. If you opened Trip Advisor on his facebook page you will see that he has visited 81 cities in 52 countries including the USA, Alaska, Japan, Europe, Australia and China. Stephen has owned his own company, worked in his family's business, being employed by small and large businesses like Shell SA and the BTG Group. His titles include Brand Manager, Sales Manager, Account Manager, Sales Representative and Business Owner. He now sees himself as an Author, Speaker, Trainer and Coach. Stephen published his first book, "So you're engaged, now what? The journey from engaged to married" in December 2013. His ingenious marketing strategy put this book into over 2000 hands in its first 6 months. His second book "So you're alive, now what? The journey from birth to death" is available online and he is working on 5 more books in the series including "So you're married, now what?". Stephen's obvious passion and first love is Human Behavior and specifically Human Behavior as it manifests in RELATIONSHIPS. He is quick to point out that we have many differing relationships: employer, employees, customers, suppliers, colleagues, friendships, marriage, parents, siblings, children, our maker, other drivers on the roads and we generally have issues in most if not all of them. Stephen is a student of the well-known human behavior specialist, Dr. John Demartini and is constantly researching and honing his understanding of this incredibly complex subject. In 2013 he completed over 175 hours of intense training on T. Harv Eker's signature courses.
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