Funeral Service – Thank you emails

Hi Stephen

Thank you so much for the memorial service for my gran, Marjorie Mitchell, on Wednesday afternoon.  The organization was phenomenal and the attention to detail made us feel comfortable the we were in the right hands.  I know it was a particularly hard day for you, but this was not at all noticeable during the service.  You captivated all with your thought-provoking words and the power of your delivery. 

If at all possible, please could you forward me a copy of the sermon as there were some specific points I would like to re-visit.

Thank you again and have a wonderful weekend.

 Best wishes, Juliet



Hi Stephen

Thank-you so much for officiating my Granny’s funeral. Your personal touches were so appreciated.

You really did get to ‘know’ my Granny and made the service so personal and lovely. 

We appreciate it so much and many people commented that it was such a beautiful service. 

Thank-you for being so helpful and going the extra mile by getting the song words we needed off the internet for us. You also gave so much of your time to us and we appreciated it very much!

I will most certainly add you name to my recommended suppliers list on my website! The brides will be lucky to have you officiate their weddings. 

Thank-you for sending me a copy of the service too.

Best wishes,  Cathy


Hi Stephen

I would like to say THANK YOU for the most amazing memorial service you did for my grandmother HILDEGUARDE PATRICK, she would be incredibly proud of the way in which the service was conducted, you not only made a very heart sore time, very special but also listened to our individual needs as well. You are truly talented and inspirational.

I noticed towards the end of the service when you did, what would have been my grandmothers response to our thoughts and sadness that you too felt our pain of her leaving, this made the service even more special.

Thank you for making this such a special and memorable moment for us all.

God Bless

Antoinette Sulon


Dear Stephen

Thank you sincerely from the bottom of our hearts for conducting Nana’s funeral service on Saturday. I have received only PRAISE for you. It was wonderful how you came across and everyone is talking about YOU. So on behalf of my entire family – thank you so much.

When you have a moment – please don’t forget to give me the full address of your Congregation and dates when you will be there.

Once again – many, many, many thanks.

Charisse xxx


Hi Stephen

The family was very satisfied with the service. You did a good job of capturing the essence of Mom and I know she would have appreciated your messages around forgiveness, grief and celebration of life.  I know she would have liked the comments about not having to go to church to be a Christian and that it is how we live our lives and not where we go to be seen that really matters. Thank you again for your attention to the little details.

As you indicated, the service was a very necessary step in the process of healing and I am very pleased that my Dad, sister, brother and I were all able to speak. I think we unanimously found it to be cathartic and comforting.

Thank you, Barbara


Dear Stephen

I know I thanked and complimented  you briefly yesterday but I would just like to reiterate our sincere gratitude for the wonderful job that you did at my mother’s funeral service .You said so many things which were ,in my opinion, of value and thought-provoking.

You combined pragmatism with empathy (and a bit of life-skills advice!)with a sufficient religious element

You got the mix right and many of our friends afterwards had high praise for your service.

As I said, I don’t think I have experienced a better funeral service.

Thank you very much

Kind Regards, Patrick Mundell


Hi there

I would like to thank you for the beautiful service that you conducted this morning, for my deceased father, Luiz.

Everyone came up to me afterwards with compliments for your service.

Dr.Melvyn Greenberg asked for a copy of your sermon for two of his staff, who are lay preachers.

He is a vet and Lot, his right hand man and Poto, one of his groomers, are the lay preachers.

Melvyn is a scientific type person, atheist and doesn’t believe in souls, so you seemed to have impressed him with your words.

I think what you said embraced people from all walks of life, without any prejudice or judgment or critism.

I see on your card that you only do funerals, my son and his fiancé were so moved by you, that they were wondering if you do weddings. They are getting married in April and would love for you to marry them.

Once again, thank you.

Regards ,  Paula Jordi



Just a warm and sincere word of thanks for being part of my mom’s life today.

Your words are an inspiration and all enjoyed the ceremony.

Blessings Pierce and Pieter


Dear Stephen

Thank you for delivering an absolutely amazing tribute to my dad.  Your kind words and the manner in which you captured my dad was truly appreciated by all.

I am still receiving comments about how dignified and touching the service was.

Thank you, Love and light

Tracy and Family


Hi Stephen

The service was great, I think that Llew would have been very happy.

People have gone out of their way to say how they enjoyed the service and that they barely needed their tissues.

I must admit that your closing talk reduced me to tears which I needed and Clinton was very impressed with it, he felt he could hear Llew speaking.

The only thing that I would have changed was to have a bigger chapel, but it is so hard to estimate these things.

Thank you for everything.  Michelle


Hi Stephen,
I would like to thank you for the amazing service for my mom. It was exactly what we wanted and I will remember it forever.
I’ve had so many comments from family & friends about how touching and thoughtful your words were and uplifting your message was.
So thank you, thank you and keep up the unforgettable work.
Regards, Terri


Dear Stephen

Thank you. Another wonderful and special funeral service this afternoon ~ it’s so good to work with a caring and professional man!

 Lianne Sybesma Barlon – owner of Just Funerals


Hi Stephen,

I’d just like to thank you for giving Adrian a beautiful service.   Carl, Marc and myself are very grateful to you for making it so memorable for us.   My friends all commented later how special you made the day for us and they all said that it was one of the most beautiful funerals they’d ever been to.  

 We are so grateful to you for making it so special and so memorable for us.   I just wish it hadn’t been Adrian’s funeral and that I would have been more focused – I felt like a bit of a ‘zombie’ that day, so I was wondering if by any chance you still have a copy of the service – my friends thought the excerpt from the bible was so apt.  

This whole experience has made me more aware how many wonderful people like yourself we have in this world!   You sure have found something to make people’s lives easier – I thank you for that.

Christl Hultquist


Hello Shell,

Thank you so much for the chapel hire on Sunday, all went well, we did the eft payment, did you receive it??

Steven van Basten was awesome, what a nice man, thank you for the referral, everyone commented on how good he was.

Regards, Yvonne Quan-Chai


Good morning Stephen –

Firstly, I would like to thank you so much for the wonderful way in which you conducted the service.   At one stage, I thought you were part of the family, you showed emotions which are very rare in this day and age.  THANK YOU!!

I would like to find out where you give grief counseling and also pricing.

Also Karina mentioned that you give lectures, where and when does this take place?

Thank you so much,

Kind regards, RHODA ARDLEY


Hi Stephen,

Thank you for a fantastic service, you received many compliments from our friends and family.

From my brother and I, we wish to say a special thank you for making the ceremony very special.

Please can you let us know if we can pass on feedback to any authority / group / managing function / organization to let them know how highly we regard the service you provided?


Ryan & Craig Norris


Rev. Stephen Van Basten,

I’ve been meaning to thank you for the wonderful service for my beloved mothers funeral. You were fantastic. Thank you again.

Regards Agnes Phillips (via sms).


Hi there Stephen

Thanks for a lovely service for Ruth Botha yesterday.  Would it be possible to email me the notes that you worked off


JG Cowper


Stephen you played such a special role in my Moms life in preparing her for her passing into Spirit 11 years ago. You were a pillar of strength in my life through it all. I am forever grateful for that. How wondeful that more people are now experiencing your gift of compassion, intuition and love that you share so willingly. God bless you and your work. Long may it continue.

Karen Barensche – via Facebook


 Thank you,  Stephen.

It was a beautiful service and everyone was very positive on how much it was about Bill.

Your service was lovely, really touching.

Thank you again.



Dear Stephen,

Thank you so much for your E.Mail!

Very kind of you to keep in contact with my Dad.

I speak to him regularly on the phone and E.Mails. He is slowly getting himself into a routine and so I am now that I am back home in Aus.

Everyone thought the service was lovely, just what Mum would have wanted, short, simple and touching.

Thank you once again

Regards, Di Kelly


Hi Stephen,

Thanks so much again for a lovely service on Friday. Please could I ask you for a transcript of your service if you still have it.  I would love to send it to his sisters overseas, as they could not make it to the funeral.

Many thanks and regards

Janine De Billot


Hi Stephen

Thank you once again for a beautiful service… was just perfect! Everyone who was there said how much they enjoyed it and that  it was a very special “send-off” for Dad.

Best wishes
Sue, Simon, Gary, Sasha and Jenna


Dear Stephen,

Thank you very much for a truly wonderful service, it was absolutely fantastic, and I could not suggest anything to improve your already very and ultimately professional manner in which you served, once again thank you and as I discussed with you after the service we ,Jennifer and I would like to stretch out our arms to you and offer you our service to you ,should you like to have some tea or coffee at our home anytime you wish, we would be honored to have you join us and grace you upon  your presence.

Kindest thanks
Jennifer and Stuart



Good Monday Morning Stephen.
I would like to thank you for the beautiful, warm and very thought provoking messages that you spoke about at Dad’s Memorial Service. Please could you e-mail me your starting prayer and the Oh So Heartfelt closing message from Dad to Mom. My e-mail address is I trust that today will be filled with love, joy and many moments filled with smiles. Thank you once again Stephen.

Warm hugs and kisses Ryanie


 Hi Stephen my love,

Thank you for doing the most wonderful service for Ray.  We have had so many calls saying it is the nicest memorial service they have ever attended.

 Have had a horrible day, got the autopsy results, Ray did die of a heart attack but we also found out he had emphysema, perhaps a blessing in disguise that he went the way he did.

 Love to the ladies



Hi Stephen,

Sorry for the delayed response.

Everything was great and your service was just what we wanted.

Thank you so much for redoing the service for the kids, we really really appreciated it!!!!

I will be sure to keep you in mind for future events let’s hope its weddings.


Kelly du Plessis


Hi Stephen

A big thank you for your efforts in working with us yesterday.  I thought that you were bang on the money and wouldn’t change your approach at all.

Regards, Russel


Dear Stephen,

Ian’s memorial service was beautiful and everyone I have spoken to was very impressed with what you had to say.

Your service was well thought out and inspirational, thank you!

Thank you for speaking on my behalf.

Kind regards, Joanne Rizzotto


Hi Stephen,

I would like to say you were amazing it was only a pleasure to have you perform the service for Dad.

Maybe we can meet up for a chat next week some time?

Regards, Byron


 Hi Rev.Stephen

I am feeling better, and just going through the normal grieving process.  As you know, some days are better than others.  I am so lucky to have my two sons who are so supportive.  As you showed me, I have looked for the positive that has come out of losing two loved ones within a few weeks of each other – the conclusion is that it has forged an even stronger bond between myself and the boys, it was always strong but now it is forged in steel.  We have also realized how precious and loyal our friends are and perhaps we will appreciate them a bit more.

Your services for both my Mum and Johann were absolutely spot-on and exactly what I wanted.  One good thing that you did mention, and maybe needs more emphasis, is the need for people to ensure that they have an up to date Will, and have either taken out insurance or saved some money for the costs of a funeral, as it can be such a huge burden on the people left behind, at a time when they have so many other things to think of.

At both services people said how much they enjoyed the way you had spoken and the inspiring things you had said.  Several people also really enjoyed the references to other religions and their traditions at the time of death. 

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your support and caring, you are a wonderful person who is following his true vocation.  I am definitely going to keep your details close at hand and I hope that I can introduce you to our Company in some way in the future.

Warm wishes, Diana


 Hi Stephen

Thank u so much for a wonderful service. You did it exactly how my dad would have wanted it and people came up to us afterwards and said what a wonderful service it was. So thanks again it was perfect.

Kind regards May, Michelle and Charlene


 Rev. Stephen,

Please send me the notes of the funeral, I will appreciate it. This was the best funeral I have ever attended. Dalène Hawthorne “Living in Gods grace” .

 Sent from my BlackBerry®


 Dear Stephen,

From the Lowson family, extended relatives, friends and those who attended the memorial service on the passing of Rob Lowson’s life.

We are writing this letter to say that your service and message that you delivered, on our families most awful situation and dire day, turned our hearts to a new outlook which encouraged a more enlightening path and thought process.

Your kind, sympathetic words and tone were encased in an uplifting and positive manner while still addressing the humane need for sorrow and grievance. The service gave merit to the life of Rob, a man which everyone loved to know. You captured the essence of his personality and traits, conveyed them with sincerity and doused with empathy. You gave us all that additional lift to recognise that his life was a true blessing to us all.

Your service made the process that little bit easier, and truly heartfelt.

Thank you for your time and understanding of the sorrow we felt, your words will truly live forever with us.

 Sincerest regards


 Hi Stephen,

Thank you once again for the most sincere and inspiring service you conducted for us. You also managed to rekindle my daughter’s faith in Christianity for which I am deeply grateful.

I’m sure we will be in touch one day for a wedding service.

 Take care. Regards. Joanna


 Dear Rev. Stephen,

 On behalf of Lal,Thelma, Jason, Brendan, Andre and I we would like to say THANK YOU for all the assistance with my Dad and his memorial service which was held on the 30th of March 2012, people to-date are still talking about it and how amazing the service was and how accurate you were in the description of who my dad was and what his values and beliefs were.

 Thank you once again.

 As always, Janine


 Dear Stephen

Our entire family, wishes to express our sincere gratitude for your many kind words and thoughtful gestures which brought comfort to us in a range of ways difficult to count, but easy to appreciate in this season of unimaginable grief. We’ve weathered good and bad times together over the years, and true to form you have been there for us in our time of unbearable loss.

Thank you for everything you did to make the 10th of March 2012 a day of warm remembrance and joyful celebration of our loved one. Your presence helped to lighten our burden of sorrow. We enjoyed hearing your lovely heartfelt memories. In so many ways you spoke for us and said everything we wanted to, but could not always find the words for in our sadness.

Warm Regards

The Taljaard & Oosthuizen Families

31 March 2012


Hi Stephen,

All is going ok this side, thank you for asking.

I want to thank you for a great service.

We have heard only good things from those who attended and that is all thanks to you.

Have a fantastic long weekend x,  Tasha Lotis

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