Coaching and Counselling – Thank you Notes

What people are saying about The Relationship Experience:

 Dear Stephen

 I loved the value system and where we as couples fit and as hard as it was to accept, it certainly helped realize that we have different value systems and that we are together to balance it out. I also enjoyed the exercise to show that if we both have same value priority how that will not work.

I found it awesome to find where the kids are and how we always want to change them and think like us as parents and this experience showed me that my bottom value is my son’s highest value and the balance he gives the family.

I found the experience very valuable in dealing and understanding my partner and how we work together. It’s not always easy to see why we argue but after the experience I now can see it clearly and that it’s ok. I look forward to the Demartini work to shift some thoughts to complete the process.

The value system also was a huge help in placing our children in their priority value system and how that balances us as parents.

Thanks for your wisdom and directness and it’s a pleasure having you as a facilitator.

I highly recommend every couple and every parent to do this process as it will provide invaluable insight in how to deal and accept each other and your kids, and how you have chosen each other to balance your relationship and family.”

 Michelle ………………


Dear Stephen

 “Doing this course has created a connection, and understanding of self and my husband that I had no idea I could discover after such a long time of knowing him, in such a short few hours. It opened our hearts and our communication channels. I feel a balance to my life and an acceptance of myself and my husband. I feel more comfortable expressing to him than I have in a long time, and it’s truly reviving our soul’s desires.”

Sarah ………………….


Dear Stephen

We really loved how well The Relationship Experience was structured.

The most interesting and beneficial for us was the love languages and languages of apology. This was proven to be very accurate and it has already positively impacted our relationship. You were very open and easy to get along with and therefore we found it easy to share our feelings in front of you and you encouraged us and guided us when we needed it.

Thank you so much for conducting the relationship experience. We were very nervous going into it but you structured it well and you made us feel as ease. We really loved how you were so open and easy going. We really enjoyed the fun environment that we worked in.

The experience was of value to us and we have already started to see how it has positively impacted our relationship. We really look forward to working with you during our wedding and later on in life as well.

You are truly good at what you do and it is great to see the amount of passion that you have.

All our love, Emma and Luis


 Hi there Stephen,

 We must thank you! Thank you so much. We really enjoyed every moment – thank you for your time and for teaching us new tools. We’ll definitely make use of them now, and in our marriage. I’ll definitely recommend your course to as many people as possible.

Chris and Vanessa


Dear Stephen

Thanks again for last night – we are gaining such value from what we have learnt so far (and having some heated dinner table debates!)

Sian ……………………….


 Dear Stephen

 I loved:

1.         Learning to speak to my wife in a way that she acknowledges what I am saying and the meaning of what I am saying.

2.         Learning what works for both of us and how the other person’s skill is not a difference but an aid to my strengths if seen and used in the correct way.

3.         Finding a way to save my relationship with my wife.

Thank you Stephen for you willingness to give us your time and expertise in a manner that made Sarah and myself comfortable and open to sharing with each other.

I have had my eyes opened as to how to start to build the foundations of a stronger relationship with Sarah and I thank you for providing me with the tool to start on this journey.

I am looking forward to our next session”

Kind regards, Gareth


Dear Stephen

I loved finding out that the things that I dislike most about Petru are the things that I own within myself. That enabled me to really drop the emotional charge and let go of them, essentially really lightening my mind. I loved finding out how to deal with these sort of issues in a healthy way. I feel it really helped me connect better not only with Petro but more importantly myself, helping me to own both the good and bad.

I would encourage everyone to do this course, part of growing and evolving, includes a large deal of introspection. And what better way to have an honest look inside and take ownership of who we are. It’s a powerful moment when you realize that everything you dislike about others, is something you yourself do. But it’s easy to overlook our own behaviours and point fingers at everyone else. When the truth is simpler, own that trait, perspective, attitude or whatever and watch it disappear or at the very least diminish in its charge. I wish I had done this years ago, thank you so much J

Iain Knox


 Dear Stephen

 Once again thank you so much for the amazing ceremony that you did for Mladen and I.

I can’t tell you how many of our friends and family came up to us afterwards to tell us how special and unique it was.

We enjoyed the relationship experience so much too, it was so much fun learning even more about each other before our wedding, so thank you so much for taking us through it. You really made us feel comfortable to share and to be open with each other.

Antoinette and Mladen ………………..


Dear Stephen

What I loved

I loved the fact that we took some time off every week for a period of time to really get down to business and analyse and work on our differences. I loved what the coarse brought out in each one of us…..somethings are simply better to be discussed and handled up front than left to brew and fester. J I loved how the coarse helped me  learn more about my future husband as well as myself. I loved the laughs, the frowns, the smiles, the warm hearty sighs, the special looks and even the tears! I just simply LOVED IT!


The relationship experience was one of the best decisions Chris and I made during the planning of our wedding. Thanks to the course material and process we were able to tackle issues (differences) that we would probably not otherwise have done.

The relationship experience helped us realize that our relationship is not “perfect” but that it’s “perfect” for us!

It helped us realize how we do complement each other even with our differences and how open and honest communication (if handled with love and care) can really unravel and disarm any arguments and friction that would otherwise build into unnecessary hurt. With the relationship experience Chris and I now feel that we are better equipped to handle those “tough issues” that we know we will be faced with throughout our marriage and although we understand they are sure to pop up occasionally we also know on how to handle them better.

The relationship experience should be done at least once by everyone, whether in a relationship or not as it will open your mind to a new way of looking at the people that enrich your life daily, even if perceived to be in the wrong manner. J

Vanessa (and Christophe)

What people are saying about The Demartini Method:

 Dear Stephen

Thank you so much for the time you spent with me last Wednesday.    Since then my world has become a much more exciting and interesting place.  I have challenged your theories daily and as a result have explored many mental paths I didn’t know existed.   Testing your assurance that ‘nothing is EVER missing’, I have starting to look within myself only to find what I thought I didn’t possess.  I would love to spend more time with you to work through the Demartini Method when things settle down so please send me the details.

Finally, I saw this in a presentation the other day and though it quite apt:

“If you think of this world as a place intended simply for your happiness, you find it quite intolerable.

Think of it as a place for training and correction, and it’s not so bad.”

From: Alice in Wonderland

Have a wonderful weekend!  

Warm regards, Juliet


Dear Stephen

Thank you for your time, wisdom and love – and for teaching me so much about human nature, relationships, myself and particularly, my mom.

Although you learnt the method from Demartini – its your beautiful soul that makes the experience so insightful and valuable.

Thanks again, Jo-Anne ……………………….


 Dear Stephen

 I wanted to attempt to put into words the profound effect that you, in conjunction with the Demartini Method, have had on my life.

 Today, 25 September 2011, is the first time in 7 years that I woke up on my late son, Kyle’s, birthday feeling bubbly and at peace with his passing.

The Demartini Method for Grief assisted me to see the other side of his death and realize that nothing is ever missing.

 I must be honest that I was very skeptical when we started our first session.

You then proceeded to blow me away with the questions you asked and the way they forced me to think and to see things in a new light.

Who would have thought that there were benefits and drawbacks to every trait and every situation?

The subsequent sessions were just as helpful and I must say I now find myself automatically equilibrating issues as they arise.

The full collapse we did on my dad was unbelievable. We both healed immediately. Thank you for those 4 hours.

More recently, the full collapse we did on my daughter turned our relationship around dramatically. Another 4 hours well spent!

The session we did on low self-esteem gave me new insights on why I carry excess weight and although that was not the focus I subsequently have lost a lot of weight.

I have gone from a size 18 to a size 12 and am still losing weight nicely.

Then of course we addressed smoking and while I have not stopped completely, I now smoke 7 a day compared to the 15 before the session.

Let’s do some more work on this please.

Finally, thank you for encouraging me to attend the Breakthrough Experience.

That certainly got the theory into my head and I now truly see the value of the methodology.

I collapsed my husband and low and behold our relationship has improved drastically.

On top of all of that, the Breakthrough Experience is now assisting me in my business too.

Once again, my deep felt gratitude. I feel honored and inspired to walk this journey with you.

Nina Collinge


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